• Krannert Hall

    Krannert Hall  is the jewel of meeting spaces at the Interchurch Center. It holds more than 120 people. With its grand stained glass windows, it is one of the most impressive meeting halls in the city. It is often used for trainings, educational lectures, and board meetings. Its chairs and table can be configured any way imaginable, from large conferences to tables ideal for personal conversations, to more informal discussions.

    Krannert Hall
  • Dining Room

    The Dining Room at the Interchurch Center is another excellent space for meetings. It holds as many as 120 people. Chairs in the Dining Hall can be set up theatre-style. A popular set-up for events is to use round tables, a great way to stimulate conversations. The only limit to how the Dining Room can be set up for events is your imagination.

    Dining Room
  • Conference Rooms

    • Conference room 120 seats up to 20 people
    • Conference room 130 holds six people
    • Conference room 135 holds up to 12 people
    • Conference room 145 holds up to 25 people
    Conference Rooms
  • Labyrinth

    Behind the Interchurch Center lies a labyrinth. The Interchurch Center’s Labyrinth is styled after the famous labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral. Some background on the Chartres Labyrinth might be helpful.

  • Indy Spiritual Trail

    The Interchurch Center is the starting point for one of Indianapolis’s hidden treasures, the Indy Spiritual Trail. The Indy Spiritual Trail is the brainchild of IUPUI Ian McIntosh, one of the world’s leading academic experts on pilgrimages.  Read all about it in this PDF!

    Indy Spiritual Trail
  • Peace Garden

    The Peace Garden is an outdoor space for contemplation and discussion.

    Peace Garden