Intercultural Summer Youth Camp

CIC and Watch Club host two Intercultural Youth Summer Camp sessions the last two weeks of July at Indiana Interchurch Center. Students, ages 7-13, engage in a variety of fun and educational intercultural activities with facilitators from Liberia, Mexico, Israel, Zimbabwe, Burma, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan and Japan.  They explore the Art Park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, tour Butler University, go fishing, swimming, and go on nature hikes. (Interchurch Center tenants can receive a discount for their kids.)

Youth Summer Camp will be led by Keith and Brenda Turner who have combined experience of over 20 years in positive youth development programs.  Keith and Brenda will be assisted by trained camp counselors and staff members from CIC who will introduce a different international theme each day. During the week, students will learn simple greetings and how to write their name in different languages.  They will also learn basic cultural, geographic, and demographic information about each of the countries introduced.