Indy Spiritual Trail

The Interchurch Center is the starting point for one of Indianapolis’s hidden treasures, the Indy Spiritual Trail.

The Indy Spiritual Trail is the brainchild of IUPUI Ian McIntosh, one of the world’s leading academic experts on pilgrimages. Ian believed that Indianapolis could have a trail that does for the soul what the Cultural Trail does for the city’s districts … but it would be created spontaneously, from the grassroots, and not cost a dollar.

As the Spiritual Trail goes along the canal to Butler University’s Holcomb Garden, pilgrims come upon spaces that encourage contemplation, prayer, and discussion … perhaps tying wishing ribbons to a frame.

The spots have emerged without plan, started by pilgrims who want to encourage others to think and talk. For instance, people are encouraged to leave a stone to symbolize wellness. Someone left a Hiroshima paper crane here to remind us of the ever-present potential of healing.

Many of the pilgrimages led by Prof. McIntosh have themes such as reconciliation, compassion, gratitude.

Yoga along the Spiritual Trail.

SongSquad led a pilgrimage along the Spiritual Trail devoted to River Songs.