Celebrate International Women’s Day with a special group of women

March 8, 2019

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Dining Hall Indiana Interchurch Center 1100 W. 42nd St. Indianapolis, IN 46208


International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated March 8th. We may not make a big deal about it in the US because it was invented a century ago by American Socialists, but in many countries it’s widely celebrated, even a national holiday. Maybe it should be here as well.

Mastora Bekhiet

To start, consider the Indy-based Darfur Women Network’s project for International Women’s Day … you might agree that IWD is a holiday worth celebrating. Last year the Darfur Women Network brought safe ovens to a Darfuri refugee camp in Chad. A safe oven can be the difference between life and death for refugee women. Their conventional ovens are fueled by wood; collecting wood to cook and stay warm requires venturing out of the relative safety of the camp where women are vulnerable to gangs and human traffickers. This IWD Mastora Bakhiet, founder of the Darfur Women Network to explain the reality of life in the refugee camps, the importance of safe ovens, and how we can help.

Rev. Delores Thornton

But that’s not all! Our very good friend Rev. Delores Thornton has tapped into her extensive network of friends, supporters, and partners to illustrate the full extent of IWD, local + national + global.

  • Linda Lewis-Everett will portray Michelle Obama.
  • Rev. Thornton will reflect on the late Rep. Julia Carson and Neerja Bhanot, the Indian model and flight attendant who died trying to help save more than 300 passengers from a plane that had been hijacked.
  • A panel of thought leaders and activists will explore the different aspects of International Women’s Day: Lana Lewis-Talib will discuss Feeding Ministry; Tamiko Bass will talk about Sisterhood; and Mira Cassidy will address domestic violence.
Linda Lewis-Everett, Lana Lewis-Talib, Tamiko Bass, and Mira Cassidy
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