Climate Change — Will Youth Voices Make a Difference?

March 24, 2020

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Interchurch Center Dining Room

$35 ICWA members for 8 week series

Climate change has become one of the defining issues of our time.

Climate change has become one of the defining issues of our time. As much of the world bands together to come up with a plan, the U.S. remains the notable holdout. What is the rest of the world doing to combat climate change? What impact will the effects of climate change have on global geopolitics?

IN Council on World Affairs Great Decisions Program welcomes Isabella Fallahi and Jake Hawes.

As a 16-year-old climate activist and organizer, Isabella Fallahi earned the right to attend the United Nations Youth Climate Summit and appeared alongside Greta Thunberg speaking before 300,000 people on how the climate crisis is affecting her own health and everyone’s future. She is Director of Communications for Zero Hour, a national youth-led organization; a leader in both Indiana and the US on initiating student-led strikes calling attention to a crisis many youth believe is being ignored; and was invited to the COP25 conference in Madrid as a youth leader and speaker.

Jake Hawes is a PhD student in the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan. He is a member of the Urban Sustainability Research Group studying the role of food, energy, and water infrastructure in the design of more resilient, sustainable cities. His work seeks to integrate the design sciences and sustainability research, working to understand how the interactions between humans and the world around us empower or undermine environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

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