Enriching Lives
Our mission is to protect and empower children and strengthen families in Central Indiana through comprehensive care and community collaboration.

As a community driven organization, our strength is in partnering with civic leaders, NGO’s and governmental agencies. Our programs are designed to impact the lives of those who have been socially challenged to succeed and have fallen victim to their circumstances.
Founded in 2002, Enriching Lives provides certified programs and social services to children and family members throghout the state of Indiana. Over the years, we have been responsible for granting multiple scholarships to LCU (Life Christian University), assisting homeless and foster care shelters with personal development courses and emotional fit seminars, and has hosted many youth entrepreneurial programs
As today’s generation searches for purpose, meaning and value, many are experiencing a pervasive sense of emptiness and loneliness. These experiences can lead to multiple addictive behaviors that can cripple a family unit. However, studies have shown, once a person has been provided with the knowledge and tools, opportunities abound.
It is the goal of Enriching Lives to ensure the success of each participant. It is our desire that once a participant completes our course, and puts those principles learned to use,  they will have the necessary tools to create more options in their own lives. As a result, they will now be able to face lifes challenges with a foundation rooted in success.

Miracle Ride

The Miracle Ride Foundation, Inc. consists of a large group of volunteers with 501 (c) (3) status. We are all motorcycle enthusiasts, many are Indiana business professionals with varying degrees and we all share a great passion for keeping children healthy. We believe that helping to fund Riley Hospital for Children is the best way to demonstrate that shared belief. Put all of this together and you have one of the nation’s largest motorcycle fundraising events.


Watch Club is a school- and community-based yourh “watch” program initiative. The program allows youth to be more visible in schools and communities.

The Watch Club Initiative began at Warren Central High School (WCHS) in 2006. The goals of the program were to get youth involved in having a voice in their school and neighborhood and speak out about negative activities that impact the school and their community. Youth were trained in a 20-week curriculum that was led by a teacher trained in peer mediation, and focused on teaching the students conflict resolution skills. Participants would be encouraged to look for and report negative behaviors such as gun violence, substance abuse, bullying, gang involvement, and other crimes.