Performances @ IIC: Music, dance & poetry

Music, dance and the spoken word are important parts of life in the Interchurch Center. Congolese refugees practice the dances of their home country.

Song is often part of the pilgrimages along the Spiritual Trail.

The annual Fall Festival traditionally features performance by Mr. Lewis’s Get Down Band.






Tonos Triad play their unique style of Gypsie Cool at a celebratory dinner for OBAT Helpers

Kejiana Taylor won spoken word contest about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Interchurch Center

Brickstreet Poets composing poems about cross-cultural harmony

Sometimes the spoken word can be particularly powerful. In 2014 former Indiana Poet Laureate Norbert Krapf published the book Catholic Boy Blues: A Poet’s Journal of Healing. The book of poems chronicles the sexual abuse Krapf said he endured as a boy serving at the church under Monsignor Othmar Schroeder in the mid-1950s. Schroeder, who died in 1988, has since been alleged to have sexually violated at least 15 boys during his 27-year tenure at the church he founded.

To continue addressing child abuse in the church and elsewhere, Krapf held a book reading and signing at the Indiana Interchurch Center. Three trained counselors attended to speak to any victims or family members of victims of sexual exploitation. Joseph Tobin, the Archbishop of the Indianapolis Diocese, was present at the reading to say a prayer of healing for victims of abuse. Now Cardinal Tobin has sent a copy of Krapf’s book to his friend Pope Francis.