Earth Charter — “Students learn to have voice on climate”

Scott L. Miley, Tribune-Star, October 13, 2019

Students attending a recent seminar found out their peers around the state are studying ways to become more involved in the climate discussion.

“I got to learn different things that I didn’t know before,” said Marielle Van, a senior at Manchester High School. “I got to see how important I am, how important my generation is.”

Teenagers gathered in one room to learn about climate conversations going on with others their age across Indiana.

“We talked about starting a youth climate summit with kids from all around Indiana and trying to work on some sort of legislation to be presented,” sai Kelby Youngberg, a student at Bethany Christian Schools in Goshen. “I’d definitely be interested in something like that.”

A discussion session was conducted for high school students attending the fourth annual Climate Leadership Summit hosted in September by Earth Charter Indiana. Students as well as city officials and planners attended the day-long seminar.

“I think it’s truly inspiring for young people to see people at all different levels working on a common cause and to be reminded of an issue that we’re facing … and then to hear real examples of what communities are doing,” said Amy Thut, environmental science teacher at Bethany Christian.

She brought six students to the summit; 16 others were brought by Jabin Burnworth, AP environmental science teacher for Manchester.

“I hope that they get some inspiration by talking to some students who are doing things at their schools,” Burnworth said. “I hope when we arrive home or tomorrow in class that they say, ‘I never thought about that before,’ or ‘Can we do those things in our community?’”

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