IIC & Fath Hope Love Community — “Local Nonprofit Holds Events For Hunger Awareness Week”

Emily Cox, WFYI, July 22, 2019

An Indianapolis Christian nonprofit draws attention to food insecurity this week with 10 businesses and more than 30 local churches.

Faith Hope and Love Community organized public walks and prayer initiatives with community partners. It also garnered support from Gov. Eric Holcomb and other leaders to designate this week as Indiana’s first Hunger Awareness Week.

President and founder Merlin Gonzales says one in six Hoosiers are food insecure and that the first step towards change is awareness.

“Once people become aware, hopefully they will be able to really join in not that they’re not, but maybe more people will join in,” Gonzales says.

He says the United States wastes 63 million tons of food every year.

“For many people that I speak with, they are just wondering what’s happening, that in the land of plenty, also now there is understanding a land of waste,” Gonzales says.

Throughout the week Gonzales and others will eat one meal a day and walk from one food pantry to another to experience hunger.

The Indianapolis City-County Council recently approved $900,000 to fund a group of programs designed to address food deserts in the city.

Faith Hope and Love Community will end the week with a community gathering on Saturday, July 27 at the Indiana Interchurch Center from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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