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WISH TV November 5, 2018

It’s said to be Indianapolis’s largest collaborative festival that uses the arts, religion and humanities as a tool for shaping individual and community life!

The Spirit & Place Festival is 10 days of events designed with community partners, individuals and communities. It celebrates, explores, challenges and reflects on the meaning behind “intersection” in its 23rd year on Nov. 2-11.

Amy Guess, Program Coordinator, CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center, and Aliya Amin, Executive Director, Muslim Alliance of Indiana, share more:

Hummus & Happiness
Tonight, Krannert Hall at Indiana Interchurch Center, 6 – 8:30 p.m.
•    The 2018 Spirit & Place Festival
•    Intersecting lines can be found anywhere from the cross and cloverleaf, to crossroads and connections. They represent collective creativity and deeper understanding, as well as points of division or conflict.
•    There will be 32 unique events this year that will take place across 27 venues and feature a variety of presenters, speakers and performers.
•    Hummus & Happiness is one of the Award of Awesomeness events this year.
•    Award of Awesomeness events are event submissions that exemplify key traits of the Spirit & Place Festival.
•    Hummus & Happiness is an event that encourages the audience to consider how film and food can create spaces for the exploration of complex issues and diverse viewpoints.
•    Guests are invited to a hummus-tasting competition, where you can sample (and then vote on) hummus recipes from around the world, prepared by local hummus-makers, who will share their narrative and the story of their recipe.
•    The winner will be announced after the film screening of “Life and Hummus,” followed by a short panel discussion and audience Q&A.
•    The event is on Nov. 5 at the Indiana Interchurch Center from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
•    It is free to attend.

To learn more, visit www.spiritandplace.org.


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