CIC — “Message ‘We are Sikh’ was delivered by tying over 300 turbans”

Balbir Singh, Punjab News Express, October 15 2018

Leaders of all major religions of the world shared a common stage to loudly and clearly sent a powerful message  to learn, understand and respect the other religions for religiously and peaceful living together. The religious leaders from different faiths prayed in their own language and explained about their religion/community during the Festival of Faiths, organized by Center for Inter-faith Cooperation at Veterans Memorial Plaza and Indiana War Memorial, Downtown here.

As many as over 40 religious and community leaders are on the CIC’s diverse and active board. ‘Compassion Through Action’ was chosen the theme this year.  Muzaffar Ahmad is the chairperson for the  Festival. This edition of the Festival of Faiths featured three dozen groups and congregations whose religious convictions inspire them to serve the community, locally and globally.

Despite inclement weather a large number of men, women, children virtually from all faiths — Christans, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Jewis, Quaker.  Baha’i and others, turned up and participated in the Festival of Faiths.

“We Are Sikhs” again drew the attentions of the participants.  Colored turbans (pagri/ headgear) won a number of hearts. Volunteers of Sikh communities were seen busy tying turbans to men, women, children of all communities who visited their booths. Turbans clothes were also given free of cost. It is estimated that more than 300 turbans were tyed. Those who got turbans tyed looked cheerful and  enthusiastic. Some of them also posed for photos, with folded hands, in front of the Golden Temple poster.

Man of ‘Lines of Distinctions’ community leader, artist, writer Kanwal Prakash Singh, CIC Board member Maninder Singh Walia, Jagdish Singh, Baljit Singh Oberio, Gurpreet Singh, Sikh Political Action Committee founder president Gurinder Singh Khalsa were the promiment s Sikh community leaders present on the occasion.

Chairperson of Festival Muzaffar Ahmed, CIC Board chair Jane Gehlhausen, Anita Jain, Diego Morales, CIC Executive Officer Charlie Wiles and  Michael Mikal Saahir were among the prominent personalities who graced the occasion.

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