“Finding the Urban Wild” is coming

The Indiana Forest Alliance would like to ask you about some crucial questions:

What’s our relationship to urban green space? How do plants, trees, and forests make our city and our neighborhoods what they are, and contribute to their character? What views, memories or experiences of trees will you capture in photos, paint, clay, fabric, or other materials? How do we picture what trees mean to people, in public city spaces, in the intimacy of our backyards, or somewhere in the margin?

Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz. These questions will be explored in an art exhibit that opens in the Interchurch Gallery June 29th and shows until July 25th.

There will be a party/ opening reception on Thursday, June 29 at 6:00 p.m with wine, hours d’oeuvres, and exceptional art!

Indiana Forest Alliance is a non-profit statewide network working to preserve & restore Indiana’s forests for a thriving ecosystem & the enjoyment of all. IFA serves citizens, organizations, landowners and communities with a wide range of interests in Indiana’s forests. They provide accurate information to the people of Indiana to involve them in efforts to protect Indiana’s forests and ensure their opportunities for input into decision-making that affects forests. They speak out for the native animals, plants and other creatures who survive in Indiana’s forests and cannot speak for themselves.

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