Poetry & jam in the gallery with “Birds of Longing”

It’s a new tradition at the Interchurch Center: every Wednesday from 11:30-1:00 there’s reading and music in the Interchurch Gallery. In January it’s a natural: Birds of Longing in the gallery is inspired by the Hebrew and Arabic poetry of La Convivencia, the 800 years in medieval Spain when Muslims, Christians, and Jews (mostly) coexisted with each other in (relative) harmony. On January 11 the poetry was led by Alfan Ghanim, an Iraqi Christian refugee who’s the office manager at the Center for Interfaith Cooperation; and joined by Hadeed Said, a Palestinian Hoosier Butler student who’s interning with the American Friends Service Corps; and Saima Hassan, a Pakistani Hoosier who runs OBAT Helpers. Where else but the Interchurch Center would you get to spend a Wednesday lunchtime with such special people in such a cool space?

The next Poetry & Jam in the Gallery will be January 25. (Bring an appetite, there will be bread and jam as well as poetry and song.)

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