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The Indiana Interchurch Center is a multi-tenant nonprofit center that is intended to be “a living demonstration to the world that it is possible . . . to have unity without sacrificing freedom.”  

If you would like to join the Interchurch community ...

A variety of floorplan sizes and configuration are available. You can tour the facilities Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 1:30 pm, or by appointment. Price quotes will be provided promptly.

Contact Mel Joliff to learn more:

The IIC was created by several Christian churches and ecumenical organizations, and opened in July of 1967.  Today, diversity and collaboration continue to be the core of the Center’s mission.  The building is now home to more than two dozen nonprofit organizations representing several major faith traditions and various educational, environmental, international, and social service/action groups.

The 60,000 square foot building is located near Christian Theological Seminary, Butler University, and the Indianapolis Art Museum at the corner of Michigan Road and West 42nd Streets. The not-for-profit groups headquartered at IIC use the space for administrative offices and conferences.  Six nicely equipped conference rooms are available for tenants. There’s plenty of free parking. An on-site art gallery features exhibits that highlight and illuminate the missions of the members of the Interchurch community.

The Indiana Interchurch Center is a welcoming space for all sorts of organizations. More than just a building, IIC is a dynamic community of Central Indiana organizations devoted to transforming the city and changing the world.

Members of the Interchurch community include:

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